I love this mix of colors, I'm always dressed in total black, but I'm starting to think that it's just too easy.. Fashion is about playing.. As we play with shapes, textures and fabrics we should also play with colors! These girls understood everything! :)
ps I'm totally in love with the shoes of the girl at right!

via mr newton

4 commenti:

BEK F ha detto...

wow! those colours are insane!


Kacrates ha detto...

indeed fashion is about fun and expression. it should not be too serious. on the money side sure but just take risks cautiously.

Sarah ha detto...

AMAZING! Love both shoes... so cute! xx

Erica Wark ha detto...

I love the looks you put on your blog... they're so inspiring and totally relatable to my sense of style... can't believe I've only found your blog now!!!

I'm totally followin' ya now - will check back often!!